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Our mission is to plan, promote, and if necessary coordinate and execute programs in the Village of Lancaster, New York area aimed at improving the quality of life of its residents by developing new approaches and methods of economic development where necessary and proper. Also to achieve certain educational, charitable objectives and public purposes of relieving and reducing adult unemployment, promoting and providing for additional and maximum adult employment, bettering and maintaining adult employment opportunities within the area. The Community Development Corporation is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

James Allein - President 
Robert Lawrence - V.P., Secretary
Tommy Sweeney - Treasurer
Mayor Lynne Ruda
Deborah Glowny
​​Joseph Ligammare

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Paul Rudz - Member
Cynthia A. Maciejewski - Member
Tyler Sojka - Member
Joseph Quinn - Member
Drescher- Malecki  -  Auditor
Michael Stegmeier - Archivist/ Asst. 

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